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We are so particular about our products that we not only harvest our own botanicals and distill them into essential oil and hydrosols, we then manufacture our products in super small batches. This allows us to ensure that the essential oils and hydrosols are blended into our formulations at maximum potency. The end result is that we make our small batch formulations with greater accuracy and hands on attention to detail. Our small batch formulations are lovingly made and packaged here in Aotearoa to truly champion the very best of New Zealand Made.

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When you've gone to the trouble of hand picking your own botanical matter, steam distilled extraction for essential oils and hydrosols is the natural choice.
That's why we've invested in our very own steam distillation plant, giving us total control over the provenance and purity of our essential oils and hydrosols. When we say we make our own products, we really mean it.

Kawakawa bush


Widely used for centuries by Maori in their healing preparations or Rongoā, Kawakawa is truly one of natures treasures.
Kawakawa leaves can actually heal themselves, when eaten by bugs they produce a healing compound. This compound – produced as part of the plants own healing process – contains its most powerful healing properties. Which is why we pick the leaves with holes in them as they contain more of the medicinal properties that makes Kawakawa so powerful.

Good for more than

just Gin

Used in traditional healing since the times of ancient Greece, Juniper berries contain many potent botanical compounds that have amazing benefits for both skin and hair.
It's the perfect ingredient to cleanse and calm the skin and scalp thanks to its sebum balancing effects and is soothing and very antiseptic.
In fact we think Juniper berries are a pretty amazing ingredient all round.

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of New Zealand made hair & body care products. Available online and found in some of the very best hotels in the country, Still botanicals brings you the very best of New Zealand made hair and body care products.

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